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Slice O Matic




Slice O Matic Vegetable Slicer & Chopper

The Slice-O-Matic is the best way to slice and dice your way to easy food preparation that takes just seconds to do.

Slice-O-Matic is so easy to use. The magic, as you tap down, a thirty point gear system propels the precision cutting blade directly through your food and retracts automatically, making Slice-O-Matic do all the work for you.

Cutting the old way can be dangerous. With Slice-O-Matic, your hands never touch the blade and the handy catch container keeps your counter tops sparkling clean.

Slice-O-Matic couldn’t be simpler to use. Just place the food is the chute, and press the handle for perfect, even slices every time!

It slices entire fruits and vegetables effortlessly in seconds.


  • Easy-Glide Handle lets you Slice With Ease
  • Adjustable Dial to Change Thickness of Slices
  • Handy Catch Container Keeps Food off your Bench top
  • Slices Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Garlic and much more!
  • Slice Onions without tears!



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