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Gro Hair Oil

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Who should try it?

Gro Hair Oil has been used by thousands of happy customers. We designed it to safely and naturally work with the scalp and body.


  • Formulated by a real Ayurvedic practitioner
  • Better than organic- meaning plants are harvested from the wild (far from civilization)
  • Has concentration of herbs that are 1% or more-all in line with the actual studies
  • It is made in North America.


By using a high concentration of herbs that nourish hair roots and the scalp.

Comes in a 4-ounce bottle and lasts 2 months when used 1-2 times a week.

It’s a complete and authentic hair serum that delivers FULL CLINICAL DOSAGE AMOUNTS (1-7% concentration) of ingredients.

It is based on an authentic ancient Ayurvedic (2,000-year-old) formula used by men and women known to have the best hair in the world.

It has no fillers, no known side effects, no cheap ingredients, and no artificial color or smell. It is all natural.


Apply the oil into the scalp and massage it in- it’s a light oil and it is absorbed into the scalp. It’s best to use it before a shower but it can be left on for up to 2 weeks without washing.


2 reviews for Gro Hair Oil

  1. Aleem Anwer

    I need

  2. Aleem Anwer

    I need this and what about its pakistani cost

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